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We have experience and professional knowledge in the design, production and installation of halls and tents with high functionality. Our products are characterised by solid workmanship and safety of use. This makes HALLSTEER stand out in the market of other manufacturers.

We place high-quality halls made of steel or aluminum in different locations throughout Europe. Our halls are adapted to the prevailing climate and weather conditions in the region. This makes them reliable solutions, and satisfied customers are still coming back to us. Our portoflio includes halls and tents: warehouse, agricultural, industrial, sports, aerospace, equestrian, party and other.

Zastosowanie hal Hallsteer

We offer solutions designed for individual, often custom customer requirements, with comprehensive assembly in any location on the continent.

Architects in Hallsteer
Welding of Hallsteer

Certified safety

The steel structures offered by HALLSTEER have been designed and are manufactured in accordance with all required PN-EN 1990 and PN-EN 1991 standards. The complete hall construction design includes a technical description (with a set of statistical calculations) and a set of hall drawings and the necessary foundations.

HALLSTEER products have all necessary certificates – in accordance with PN-EN ISO 3834-2 (quality management system in welding), certificates – in accordance with EN 1090-1 (factory production control system) and in accordance with EN 1090-2 (welding certificates ). The above-mentioned certificates entitle our company to CE marking steel constructions and issue the European Declaration of Conformity.

Reasons to trust HALLSTEER:

  • Professional service – from production to investment financing assistance, project documentation, transport and assembly across Europe
  • A wide range of halls, depending on its purpose
  • Great quality at a good price
  • Halls made of durable premium materials
  • Production in accordance with EN 1090-2, CE certified
  • Long-term safety guarantee
  • Resistance of halls to extreme weather conditions (without the need for snow removal) and fire resistance of plating
  • The ability to build the hall independently according to your needs
  • Quick and professional assembly and dismantling
  • Also implementing custom orders
Semi-circular design

Testimonials - our projects

EvoBus OGC Mannheim

1 300 m² Bus lounge

Large exhibition hall for 12 buses.

Steel construction with translucent PVC roof.

Façade: glass elements / pillar-riga façade.

Bus lounge

BMW Dingolfing

21,000 m² warehouse

STEEL HALL XXXL, length 2 side naves 250 m, width 2×40 m, sandwich wall panels d = 60 mm, 3

Castle structures, roof surface made of double layer PVC membrane.

BMW Dingolfing

Baden – Baden residential buildings

The two-storey building with a total area of approx. 100 000 square meters. 1800 m²

190 inhabitants

Daimler Wörth Hallensysteme

Daimler Wörth

Warehouse 2 x 3900 m²

Width 60 m, length 65 m, 2 rooms of 3 900 m²

Roof surface made of two-layer PVC membrane 

4 High-speed doors, 4 steel doors

Heating system


Baden - Baden Residential Building

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