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Large arch halls - Dakota

Dakota is a larger version of the Nevada and Oregon halls, based on PVC plating This system is equipped with much stronger brackets. It is self-supporting and available in widths from 9 m to 33 m and of any length.  

For their considerable size, such halls will be perfectly utilised in agriculture as livestock spaces. Significant sizes also allow you to use as full-size training parkers to prepare for jumping through barriers. Used in the bottom curvature of the imitating wall allows for much wider use e.g. storage of bulk goods.

The design comes in seven variants.

Dakota technical drawing



Dakota 13713.70 m6.45 m
Dakota 16016.00 m6.58 m
Dakota 18018.00 m9.00 m
Dakota 22022.08 m9.00 m
Dakota 25225.27 m10.65 m
Dakota 28328.27 m10.83 m
Dakota 33033.00 m11.00 m

Other standard sizes available from 9 to 33 meters.

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Dakota Hallsteer Hall
Dakota Hallsteer Hall 52
Dakota Hallsteer Hall 28

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