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Lightweight girdle halls

Ideal for agriculture and industry when optimal use of space is needed. This type of hall has simple side walls, so storage can start at the sides. The OREGON hall is easy to install and can be mounted on a variety of substrates, e.g. concrete slab, paving stones, etc.
The Oregon hall can be adapted to your needs, e.g. for animal husbandry, storage of straw bales, as a garage for agricultural and industrial machinery.
Thanks to the modular design of the halls can be expanded freely.

Hallsteer Oregon hall design


OREGON 808.00 m4.33 m
OREGON 909.00 m4.42 m
OREGON 10010.00 m5.54 m
OREGON 12012.00 m5.88 m
OREGON 15015.00 m7.42 m

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Hallsteer Oregon - light Hall for bales girders
Hallsteer Oregon - light Hall for bales girders
Hallsteer Oregon - light Hall for bales girders

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