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Pagoda - Compact solution for events

Pagoda-type marquees are designed for various types of events such as banquets, exhibitions, culinary events, promotional events or other outdoor events.

Tents with pointed roofs are also ideal for stylish private occasions. With different sizes and shapes of tents, you can set them up individually or together in different places to create an interesting whole. As a manufacturer, we are able to offer tents that are perfectly suited to your needs.

The tent is equipped with sliding curtains on each side as standard. The selected faces can have windows. Pvc plating has a classic white color. The roof is made of opaque PVC. The height of the side wall is the same for all dimensions: 2.2 m.

Sizes: 6m x 6 m


Examples of the uses for the pagoda:


When planning a cultural, entertainment event or fair, our party halls are great. We also recommend glazed or built-in tents for events. We offer rectangular and square pavilions made of mechanically resistant and atmospheric PVC. They will also work well as banquet tents and wedding venues.

Regardless of whether it is a hall or a party tent, the basis of our business is always the delivery of fully safe and functional indoor spaces. Using our designs in the intended conditions you can be sure of stability and high aesthetics.

Wedding venues/tents

On the other hand, when creating a comfortable space where guests will be able to take advantage of refreshments or dance, we recommend our marquee. In recent years, we have seen a growing trend to organize wedding receptions in the open air. To provide guests with the right comfort and protect them from the vagaries of the weather, we invite you to check our wedding and banquet tents. Each of them is based on steel aluminium profiles, making it stable and safe. A tent for a wedding can be a great alternative to brick buildings not only in the summer. It is a brilliant option for people who want to experience their wedding in the open air. The possibility of placing possibly a wedding tent on many substrates makes the choice of the place where we place wedding is really limited only by our imagination.

Wedding is these one of events that are remembered for the rest of your life, our wedding tents will protect your memories from possible adverse weather events. Tents of this type can be used quietly in the following years on the occasion of anniversaries and other events. However, for companies involved in organising weddings and weddings, it is definitely worth paying attention to the appearance of the plating and the vitality of the structure. When choosing our tents, you gain both aesthetics and a product that will last many years with proper use.

Event tents

The organization of events can be a big challenge and a burden on the budget, especially when the event takes place several times a year and every time you need to rent new rooms. In this case, but also with less intensity and scale, it is worth considering buying event tents. Undeniably, the great advantage of event halls is their relatively low price and lead time. Thanks to the way of construction there will be no problem with the location of the scene or lighting. Once built marquee will survive more than a season, and if necessary, due to the high demand there will be no problem with its resale.

Exhibition tents

Are you exhibiting at a promotional fair or are you the organizer of this type of event? If so, it is worth taking an interest in the company producing exhibition tents of the highest quality, perfectly tailored to the customer’s requirements. Exhibitions and trade fairs are the perfect place to showcase your products or services. Stand under the HALLSTEER tent is a proven solution and guarantee of safety.

Gastronomic tents – banquets

Whether it’s a small local event or a national event, there is always the opportunity to buy food and drink at these events. In winter, hot drinks and dishes are offered in the gastronomic tents, and in summer cooling drinks and nutritious meals. The gastronomic tent must be adapted to handle the flow a large number of people. We understand this perfectly and that is why we offer different types of tents for individual customer orders. 

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Dimensioning the hall

Event Hall - Pagoda - Hallsteer Florida
Pagoda - Hallsteer Florida
Florida - Pagoda construction
Hallsteer - Florida Event Tent

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